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'Co-Laborativ' (zur deutschen Seite) (Michaela Andrae, Beat Rossmy, Franziska Wirtensohn, Michael Wittmann) deals with the symbol of a new technological and social revolution: 3D-printing.

As many new technologies 3D printing and OpenSource seem to enable a fundamentally changed and optimized way of thinking and acting. If you develop thoughts further in future a touch of a button will be enough to print every imaginable product on your own. OpenSource is based on providing information online accessible for everyone that information can be downloaded, tested and developed. The individual becomes now part of a network.

2015 our conceptual, artistic approach led to a room sized, manually and performative operated 3D printer. We translated the structure of the 3D printer and the associated OpenSource into a room. The resulting spacial structure determines out thinking and acting. It is essential that we become participating actors within this structure. Everyone contributes a part to the common construction. Through that we address our cooperation and production as artists that act together in a collective.

Is the classic role of an artist as a genius sending to the world still vaild anymore? Or is this role removed by collective acting in a network?

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Mail: kontakt@co-laborativ.net

Concept, all videos and fotos are licensed with CreativeCommons by-sa

Twitter Printing

Click here to tweet 3D print jobs.


Step by Step

  1. Click here to visualize your Tweets
  2. Look at your Tweet in the Preview
  3. Tweet your print job with #DruckAuftrag to @Co_Laborativ

It's a total revolution!

For the annual exhibiton of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich 2015 we developed a room sized manually and performative operated 3D printer.

Participating Actors

We are participating actors in the structure we built before. We focus on communication and cooperation.


Long Duration Performance

The first print jobs last 10 days. A calibration cube gets printed. So the aspect ration of the axis can be checked precisely.

Feierliche Inbetriebnahme.JPG

User Manual

Working Steps

  1. Watered newsprint is mixed with water, paste and plaster

  2. The resulting mixture is formed to balls

  3. On his axis the printer is moved to its right position

  4. The material is thrown into the extruder

  5. The rinter prints at the requested position

  6. Repeating the workingsteps until the the print job is finished

  7. Detail view: Printed material
    Arbeitsschritt7-Detailansicht Druckerzeugnis.JPG

  8. A ventialtion system accelerates the drying process

  9. Break at work: the actors can relax


Manufactor Co-Laborativ
Model It’s a total revolution!
Technology manually; by hand
Price of all materials approx. 1000€
Annual service costs approx. 150 €
Size 6000mm x 6000mm x 4000mm
Weight approx. 700kg
Build Envelope 2500mm x 25000mm x 1750mm
Materials papier-maché, paste, cast
Material cost old newspaper (for free); paste (100g ~ 5€); cast (10kg ~ 5€)
Speed up to the user; approx. 20 dm³per hour; maximum X and Y axis speed 500 mm/s
Accuracy up to the user; diameter of nozzle 7 cm, minimum feature size 20 cm, 3 cm positioning accuracy, layer thickness 4 cm
Finish rough
Volume of printed parts to replicate endless